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Children Language Pathologist

Visit VIAMED Center and ask our Speech and Language Pathologist why your 2-year old or 3-year old child

  • does not: babble, use sentences made of 2 or 3 words, repeat the words you say and make sound when playing;
  • does not want to listen when a you read to them;
  • does not like to play in learning games and learn new things;
  • does not communicate with other children;
  • often grizzle and disobey;
  • you have interaction problems in everyday life;
  • does not develop self-care skills (eat by themselves or use pottie);
  • does not do simple requests and listen to you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in VIAMED!

Speech and Language Pathologist will:

  • evaluate a child’s speech development;
  • evaluate a child’s cognitive development and level of understanding of direct address (in 1-3-year old children);
  • help to establish parent-child relations necessary for interaction and learning;
  • help to cope with speech delay in children of early age;
  • correct pronunciation and articulation problems, gaps in grammar and vocabulary and problems with continuous speaking in preschool children;
  • consult parent on homeschooling;
  • testing of children before starting kindergartens and schools.

A speech and language pathologist provides individual trainings to the children with:

  • speech delay;
  • dysarthria, dyslalia;
  • general speech underdevelopment
  • expressive language disorder.

We use an individual approach to each child!